Out-of-home media on cloud nine
The out-of-home media is on the fast track to innovation, every now and then we find something that just leaves us with an awe. Great outdoors, flashy signage, sporty banners, etc are passé. Well! The current trend is flying objects...so don't be surprised if you see a Volkswagen hovering over your head...or an extra large flying sport shoe hanging atop...or giant soccer balls floating in the sky...they are en vogue. What better way to draw attention to one's product than have them sail over the head of crowds! [...] Thus Gear Factor quickly got the attention of big advertisers and their ad and media agencies around the globe. Today, it is providing flying solutions and services worldwide by giving wings to the imagination of their elite clientele. [...] With such a creative outlook Gear Factor surely has a long and high way to go. Sign & Graphics Magazine
Opel Astra event – only flying is better
[...] The show ended with an eye catcher – “Only flying is better” – that was Opel’s advertising slogan. To give that slogan new meaning, the new Astra GTC floated out of the top of the “Gasometers”. It was actually a deceivingly realistic 1:1 scale model complete with headlights. The custom car weighed about 5kg (11 pounds). An Gear Factor-pilot flew the scale model with a remote control. Gear Factor's Gear Factor-engineers have been making anything their customers wish fly for about 5 years. This ranges from an everyday zeppelin all the way to a flying RV trailer. Their training as aerospace engineers enabled them to develop so called light-frame models featuring excellent flying characteristics. Not even the sky’s the limit! [...] PMA Magazine

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