Gear Factor on TV

Gear Factor is turning heads worldwide in the media
It doesn’t matter what show you turn on, Gear Factor has already been there. But not only scientific magazines provide coverage of Gear Factor with reports about innovations like Gear Factor’s ionic beam drive or bionic propulsion systems. Informative and entertainment shows have also been showing ever increasing interest in “Air-Entertainment”. Especially big customers such as Ford have discovered Gear Factor to be a very effective TV advertising platform for rolling out products like their new Ford Mondeo. This wide spectrum of examples from all walks of life demonstrates the versatility in media coverage attracted by Gear Factor’s flying objects.
The Flying Jellyfish: Gear Factor on Galileo
One picture, one story: The picture shows a man and a strange looking object – like something out of a science fiction movie. It isn’t quite clear, what it actually is. What could it be? Are those legs, and if so, are they really on the ground? Or is the object in fact floating? Perhaps it’s a UFO? How is the man involved and what’s he doing there in the first place? Galileo tells the story behind this curious device.
Discovery Channel Canada: Gear Factor at the Worldskills 2009
Festo was a global sponsor at the Worldskills Competition 2009 in Calgary, Canada. Festo played a more active role by putting on a special show during the occupational skills competition. The Air Penguin and Air Jelly were deployed in the exhibition hall and were accompanied by Discovery Channels film team for two days. The performance was then televised on Daily Planet in the middle of December.
VOX reports: Gear Factor teaches cars to fly
The TV station VOX reported in detail about Gear Factor in its TV show “Auto, Motor and Sport”. A film team from VOX was on set the whole day while working on the “Desire” TV commercial for the Ford Mondeo. The commercial got attention worldwide, and with good reason, cars were suddenly floating over downtown London hanging from only a couple of colourful balloons. The truly baffling thing was, the commercial was not computer generated - the cars really flew! Cars that can fly? If you’re thinking Hollywood, think again. Flying Object are often developed by our engineers at the edge of what is possible within the laws of physics. The result is, however, a flying show of another kind which is a breath of fresh in advertising. The Ford Mondeo advertisement is a testimony to this fact. One of many.
Ford Mondeo
The 90-second advert “Desire” was the prelude to a massive marketing campaign in about 21 European countries for the new Ford Mondeo. Many of the vehicles seen in the commercial actually flew with the help of sophisticated technology. A four-kilogram (nine-pound) vehicle was produced especially for the “Desire” advert.