Flying Car concept: for events & car shows (motor shows)

The Flying Car made by Gear Factor is an advertising and event concept that is a unique solution to promote new car models in the vacant space above. To date, car brands such as BMW, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Audi, OpelRenault, Skoda, Ford, Fiat and Buick amongst others have used the Flying Car concept for their launch events, car shows (motor shows) and other promotional activities. Imagine the impact of a realistic Flying Car maneuvering over the heads of your audience. The Gear Factor Flying Cars are remote-controlled and fly with precision at your event. The scope of applications for the Flying Car concept covers both indoor and outdoor events. Outdoor applications require a safety system and a suitable location.
flying car buick lacrosse shanghai motor showFlying Cars are produced with the original CAD/CAM data of a specific car model and are, therefore, true in shape and detail. In fact, so true to the original that you can park it next to the original car model and the crowd will believe the Flying Car is real. A Flying Car is made with functional head and rear lights. We spray-paint them with car paint, matching the desired car color of the original. Options like a Flying Car with spinning tire rims are possible. Think of the endless applications to create a buzz in your market, be it your next motor show, any kind of event, your promotional dealer activities, actions in shopping malls or airports, going outdoor in an amusement park or wherever the people are gathering: an Gear Factor Flying Car will stun the audience and leave a lasting impression of your car brand. Many brands have very successfully hooked up their Flying Car activities with press events and media, such as automotive TV programs, soaps and talk shows. They just love the images. Especially when the concept of a Flying Car is used the first time in a market, the chance to get tons of free media coverage is very high.
Very popular has been lately to combine the Flying Car actions in a market with viral marketing. Please take a look at this Youtube video, which has been watched by 3.5 million people with an ongoing debate, if it is real or not. If you wish, we can carry out concepts, where the crowd gets involved with Flying Car by for example by lifting it up after the flight for a snap-shot to take home. Hit us with your idea and we give it our best shot to make your event concept happen. Please also check out the Showcase section of this website. You will find lots of videos and pictures of Gear Factor's past Flying Car projects for your reference.
If you wish to inquire with us and explore the options for your next event, please send us a picture of the car model and we can advise you of cost and lead time. We can guarantee you: Gear Factor's Gear Factor concept will get your car brand flying high.
Our reference of car models with have built as a Flying Car: BMW 1 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW 6 Series, Chevrolet Spark, Buick LaCrosse, Volkswagen Beetle, Skoda Roomster, Renault Scenic, Audi A6, Fiat 500, Opel Astra and Ford Focus. They have been used at the following type of marketing events: car show (auto shows, motor show), exhibition, TV Show, launch event, dealer event, promotion, out-of-home media, entertainment.

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